Installing A Sanitary Clamp

Whether it’s an entirely new line or existing process equipment being re-assembled after cleaning or reconfiguration, installing clamps properly is a basic skill for process technicians. We’ve been helping our clients find the right clamps and fit them correctly for over 30 years, so if you’re new to clamps let us show you how it’s done.


  1. Inspect the installation site
    Are the ferrules smooth, clean and otherwise free of imperfections? Ensure there is no gasket residue or other contaminants.
  2. Inspect the clamp 
    Is it free of contaminants and surface imperfections? Are all components tightly integrated? Pay particular attention to hinges and threads to ensure they are in good working order.
  3. Prepare for installation
    Ensure the gasket is perfectly aligned between the ferrule flanges. Don’t rely on the clamp to nudge components in to alignment, they should be lined up perfectly before installation.
  4. Install the clamp
    Place the clamp over the connection site and ensure the gasket and flanges sit within the groove inside the clamp. Carefully bring the clamp together ensuring nothing else is moved out of alingment during the process, then lock the clamp in place.

Simple, but it’s not unknown for even experienced technicians to skip over some basic steps from time to time! We hope this will be useful both to those new to clamp use and old hands who may need a refresher.