Sight glasses

Advanced Couplings Ltd offer a range of In line Sight glasses, both Sterile Visual Flow Indicator (SVFI) and Full View Flow Indicator (FVFI), offering the highest quality and precision demanded by the modern food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Using the best certified materials our sight glasses have been designed to a high specification. The bore of the Borosilicate glass element is sized to precisely match the bore of the flange ends/connecting pipe work, resulting in a smooth transition and by also adopting the EHEDG guidelines regarding O-ring seal profile, our sight glasses become a very hygienic, C.I.P. (Clean In Place) cleanable product.

The stainless steel flange ends are designed to suit standard clamp type coupling joints. The flange ends support the glass element on the outside diameter and also provide the housing for the face seal. The face seal is designed on the EHEDG principle utilising a precise deformed o-ring, this gives the unit its remarkable clean ability characteristics. The stainless steel flanges are offered in 316L stainless steel as standard, although Hastelloy C22 and AL6XN can supplied upon request.

The seals are to FDA food grade and USP Class VI specifications, offered in a variety of elastomer types. Seals are supplied with all relevant details such as grade, size, material, cure-date etc. Specialist seals can be provided for conditions outside the scope of the standard seal.

The metal body is permanently part marked with material heat number, size, surface finish and the CE mark. Other markings can be applied as requested. The basic unit is ASME-BPE SF4 on the internal bore, however alternative finishes can be supplied. All sight glasses are pressure tested once fully assembled, certification can be supplied if requested.

All Sight Glass units are pressure tested on site before despatch.