I need the absolute best – what gasket material should I use?

Obviously much will depend on your specific process, but PEEK and PTFE are materials that perform extremely well across the widest range of applications.

What temperature ranges can your gaskets be used in?

Temperature tolerances for our stock gaskets range from -250°C (-418°F) to 260°C (500°F) dependant on compound used.

Can gaskets be reused after disassembly, cleaning or maintenance?

In many cases yes, but always inspect the gasket for signs of wear and tear, stiffening, and to ensure it is not leaving residue on the clamp. If in doubt, replace! The cost of a new gasket is trivial compared to that of a process shutdown.

Are your gaskets free of animal products?

Most are manufactured without the use of animal products. Please contact us if you would like to ensure gaskets and other products you wish to order are 100% free of animal products in either the finished product or the manufacturing process.

What are the shore hardnesses of your gaskets?

Elastomer gaskets (EPDM, Silicone & Viton®): 75/85 IRHD.

PTFE Solid & PTFE Envelope (Teflon®) gaskets: 60/65 shore D.

What regulatory standards do your gaskets conform to?

All of our gaskets are approved for use by the FDA at absolute minimum. Most of our gaskets also conform to USP Class VI and 3A standards.