Anti-galling Clamps

available in SH & SSH style of clamp

There is an issue throughout the industry of ‘galling’ on hygienic clamps. As the clamps are un-lubricated, dissimilar metals must be used to resist the adhesive wear from galling.

ACL has a solution for this; the Anti-galling Clamp. Due to the silicon and manganese content, Nitronic 60 is much more resistant to galling than other stainless steels.

The threaded portions of the clamp can be supplied in most materials that the end-user would require. However, it should be noted that ACL’s standard is Nitronic 60 eyebolt with a 304 or 316 nut.

The following options are available from our stock:

  • Nitronic 60 standard eyebolt
  • Nitronic 60 safety eyebolt
  • Nitronic 60 hex nut
  • Nitronic 60 safety hex nut