Double Bolt Safety Clamp

Double bolt safety clamp

ACL has now added the below sizes to the SH Safety Clamp range, in order to comply in part with AD2000 A5. The double bolt safety clamp enables the user to gain the advantage of a double bolt clamp whilst maintaining a majority of assembled components during scheduled maintenance intervals.

The clamps can be supplied with standard 316 fasteners, or alternatively with anti-galling materials (ref. ACL Anti-galling clamps).

Nominal Size2.5″3″3.5″4″4.5″5″
Segment length (D)119.2131.7146.7159.7172.0188.9
Overall length (C)123.8136.3151.3164.3176.6193.5
Arc diameter at Sketch 1151.3161.7174.6185.9196.9212.2
Rad (B)75.780.987.393.098.4106.1
Flange (A)77.591.0106.0119.0130.0144.0
Mass (kg)0.400.430.470.510.540.70
MAWP @150C50 Barg50 Barg40 Barg35 Barg30 Barg30 Barg
Torque (Elastomer – dry)2 Nm3 Nm3 Nm3 Nm4 Nm4 Nm
Torque (Polymer – lubricated)6 Nm9 Nm9 Nm9 Nm10 Nm10 Nm
Ordering code SAFXCL.SAFXD.0250CL.SAFXD.0300CL.SAFXD.0350CL.SAFXD.0400CL.SAFXD.0450CL.SAFXD.0500