Gasket Compatibility

Advanced Couplings are proud to present our system to help you select the gasket option that is best suited to a given application – choosing between different materials can be difficult… Making the wrong choice could be problematic. Help is offered by selecting the media passing through a system – we will then suggest the most suitable gasket material for use in this process.

We hope that your choice will be made easier and that this system will help you suggest options to your customers or be used on your manufacturing line where a solution may not be clear.

Please select a media from the drop down menu below & then click the search button to verify suitability for various gasket materials.



1 Little to no effect (Recommended) < 10% volume change. Material may exhibit slight swelling and/or loss of physical properties under severe conditions.
2 Possible loss of physical properties (Caution) 10%-20% volume change.Material may exhibit swelling in addition to a change in physical properties. May be suitable for static applications.
3 Noticeable change (Not recommended) 20-40% volume change. Material exhibits a noticeable change in swelling and physical properties. Questionable performance in most applications.
4 Excessive change (Not suitable) > 40% volume change. Material not suitable for service.
0 Insufficient information Available to offer advice