The market leading SH Clamp

Now offered with an anti-gall option

The market leading SH clamp from Advanced Couplings can now be offered with an anti-gall option, reducing wear & tear on the nut & fastener, giving longer service life. Made specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries where joint cleanliness & efficiency are of paramount importance, ACL has recognised the issues of galling in many process industries and following a number of years development this option is now available on demand, so please ask for further information.

Many of our products are used in incredibly demanding environments including high pressure and high temperature manufacturing processes. Our market-leading SH Clamp is a product that we are particularly proud of, especially as it is now widely recognised as the most commonly specified clamp in the processing industry.

How has our SH Clamp earned this reputation? A number of factors have contributed and our SH Clamp is appreciated by our customers for its ability to cope with manufacturing environments which experience temperature & pressures of up to 150°C and 50Barg. In addition, because more than 30 years of continuous development and refinements have gone into the design of the SH Clamp; it is now the clamp of choice by many end users…