Mesh Rings

Our single layer screen mesh gaskets range from 10 Mesh to 100 Mesh and are offered from stock with either Black EPDM or Clear Silicone outers – USP Class VI compliant. However, alternative outers are available on request. The gaskets are unbonded therefore the mesh or outer can be replaced relatively easily.

Available sizes:

  • BS4825 – 1” thru 4”
  • DIN32676 – DIN25 thru DIN100

As you can see from our graphic illustration at the top of this section, the tighter the Mesh, the more effective the particulate capture. The higher the mesh number, the smaller the hole size. The standard measurement of the mesh size is wires per inch – eg Mesh 10 equates to 10 wires per inch in both directions leading to square holes. Mesh gaskets can also be used to reduce pressure flow in a line for various applications.

We recommend regular checks on the mesh to ensure cleanliness and functionality. Captured particles will quickly lead to reduced efficiency and a drop in pressure.

To accompany the range of Mesh gaskets, Advanced Couplings also offer Orifice plates made from fully certified SS 316L – to suit the sizes stated above. All come with a polished mirror finish & 1.2mm wall.


Mesh Size: